Best Camping Tent Reviews & Accessories

Camping means to live in the lap of nature. You need temporary shelter while camping & other accessories for living. That’s why you need Camping Tent & camping accessories. Tent gives shelter and a safe place to keep essential kits and to sleep while camping. It also protects a camper from any kinds of danger and adverse weather. There are mainly two types of tents for camping – personal tent and family tent. Personal tents are for single person and family tents are for 2 or more persons. Usually tents are made off from cotton, nylon and polyester. For different kinds of camping, different kinds of tents are used. The advantage of camping tents is, they are portable and can be packed in backpack by folding and can be used in any place in any condition. This time we show ultimate camp accessories & best camping tent reviews which are frequently used by campers.

Here are the 10 best camping tent reviews

If you are in hurry & not enough time to read this 10 best camping tent reviews than try this camping tent comparison chart for quick decision. But we prefer to read full reviews before buy a camping tent for family or you.



Width Setup Time




Check Price

8 17’×10′ 8-12 Check Price

6 10’×10′ 8-10 Check Price

4 8’×7′ 5-8 Check Price

2 4.7’×3.5′ 3-7 Check Price
8 16×7 5-12

Check Price

6 17×9 8-15 Check Price
8 16×11 10-15

Check Price




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Read the full best camping tent reviews which contain feature of camp tent with pros & cons of tent.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


  • Ultra water proof
  • Room divider included
  • Spacious space
  • Easy set up
  • Unique ventilation system

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If you looking for best camping tent reviews than this tent is the 1st choice of our reviews. Coleman made this tent which is well praised and used by the campers more frequently. With the 72 inch height to the center and 17×10 ft width, 8 person easily fit into Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent. Usually it has only one room. But its unique room divider allows the campers to make three rooms into it. The unparalleled WeatherTec System guarantees the campers not to enter a single drop of water into it even in heavy downpour and storms. Campers love the ventilation of as it can adjust the airflow and makes the tent cooler. Another part of it which is loved by the campers is its separate storage bags for poles and tent. Providing 1 year warranty, it is perfect camp tent and worth the money campers spent on it.

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10′)


  • Double room
  • Setup within single minute
  • 7 windows and 2 doors
  • Pre-installed Poles
  • Welded floor and water resistant walls

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Campers like Coleman for their high quality tents. This one is a dream come true for campers. Campers refer Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14’x10′) as best family tent because it is the perfect tent for camping with family. It is made with highest quality 150D material and its weight is 36.3 lbs. For a family camping it has enough space for 8 persons. The best part is, it has two separate rooms for changing clothes and privacy. Though it is made for 8 persons and large in size, it takes only 1 minute to setup by its pre-assembled Poles and single man is enough to do it. The welded floor of it gives comfort to the campers and its waterproof walls are very thick with extraordinary WeatherTec system which makes the campers dry in the inside. A very wide space in the inside with the height of 6 ft 5 in and 14 by 10 in wide made it fit for any sizes pf person. The divider between the rooms is removable. 2 doors of it ease in and out. 7 windows of it enable to enter more light in the day and campers can enjoy the beauty of the night and night sky staying at the tent. It also provides 1 year warranty.

Coleman Sundome Tent


  • Perfect for 6 people camping
  • 10×10 ft wide and 6 ft high
  • TC fabric wall
  • Water resistant
  • 10 minutes to set up and packing

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For going to a 6 man camping Coleman Sundome Tent is one of the best camp tent for the campers. Coleman maintained its quality while making Coleman Sundome Tent because it has enough space not only for the campers but also for their gears with its 10×10 ft wide and 6 ft height. Though made for six persons, it is very light in weight and can be carried easily in backpack. Including many ventilation it is very easy to set up. Its TC fabric wall makes it waterproof and ensures to use it for year after years. But sometimes it leaks through the seams of floor and wall joint.

Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent


  • Fast and easy setup
  • Waterproof
  • Sufficient space for 4 persons
  • Polyester seams
  • Extra weather protection and greater visibility at night

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If Campers are planning for a camp with maximum 4 persons, this tent is for them because it has been made specially for 4 persons with a wide space of 4 ft 10 in height and 8×7 ft footprint made it best camp tent for 4 men. For an ultra quick setup with in single minute Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent has built in poles. For extra protection from bad weather and to make it waterproof, it has pre-assembled rainfly and inverted Polyester seams. It has welded floor patented by WeatherTec and its guy lines reflects Illumine which makes it more visible in the night and in dark. but It is not protective from rain without rainfly accessories.

Mountainsmith Morrison Tent – 2 Person


  • Award winning camp tent
  • Compatible for 3 seasons
  • Spacious space for 2 persons
  • Polyester rain fly and floor
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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For 2 persons’ camping, campers love this tent so much for its large space for 2 persons and storing their utilities with in its 56 inch width and 42 inch height. Polyester rainfly and bathtub floor keep it dry and protect it from any kind of water leaking even in wet weather. Another campers’ favorite feature is, it has 2 doors for in and out. It includes color coded rainfly attachment facility and user instruction. Won 2 award by Backpacker Gear Guide, this tent also provides a limited lifetime warranty. But The exit and entry is little difficult when the fly is on.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent


  • Best for car camping, family camping and scouting
  • Polyester rainfly, inner tent and polythene floor
  • Easy setup and transport
  • Tilted angel window
  • Customized dome and electric port

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When campers look for a car camping they mainly use this Coleman Montana 8 Tent. Sufficient space for 8 persons made it one favorite for family camping and scouting too. It includes 11 inch fiberglass Poles which made it very simple to set up. 8 persons easily fit and can move easily with its 74 inch center height and 16×7 ft footprint. Its tilted windows are well liked by the campers and its dome can be customized. It is ultra protective from rain because of its Polyester wall and rainfly. For better comfort its floor is made with Polythene. It also includes a 1 year warranty. Coleman Montana 8 Tent has little problem with ventilation on warm days and nights.

Coleman WeatherMaster Screened Tent


  • Screened room
  • Waterproof
  • Polythene floor and Polyester
  • Sufficient space
  • 1 year warranty

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Having a screened room gives more chance for ventilation and campers love it as it provides a space to take meals, gossiping and to enjoy the a scenic beauty during day and night. With Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent, 6 person can enjoy camping with pleasure because this tent has more than enough space for six persons and their gears in its 17×9 ft footprint and 6 ft 10 in center height. Coleman’s WeatherTec System makes it invulnerable to protect rain water and makes the tent dry in any condition. Polyester inner tent and rainfly made it strong and campers can use it for several years. But Some campers refer it not suitable for cold weather.

Wenzel Klondike Tent – 8 Person


  • Screened room
  • Dome tent
  • Large space for 8 people
  • More stable
  • Waterproof

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Want some different tents than the Coleman’s?? This Wenzel Klondike Tent – 8 Person is surely one of the best camp tents. With great color and look, this tent ensures a large space for 8 campers for sleeping, storing and walking by its 16×11 ft width and 6.5 ft height. For higher protection, it has been made by Polyester fabric and to protect from heavy rain and to make the tent dry and warmer, it has Polyurethane water resistant coating and fiberglass frame. It is very easy to set up and not a hard task to carry it. Campers love the screened room as it can be used for storing room, sun shelter, taking meal or reading books. The mesh of the screened room and 2 windows let the breeze come in but keep out bugs and mosquitoes. With a dome shape size, it is one of the best family camp tents. According to some campers, the windows do not fully zip and strong winds sometimes blow them open.

Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent – 12 Person


  • Wide space for 12 persons
  • 2 minutes set up
  • 7 windows
  • Wide space for 3 queen air bed
  • Facility for multiple rooms

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Campers’ favorite while going to a long trip and for a large amount of people. This tent is so huge that it easily be used as alternative home for the campers while camping. Its 16’x16’ wide space enables the campers to store their all kits and sleep with much comfort. Campers like it because 3 queen airbed easily fit into it. Ozark Trail 16×16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Pre-Attached Poles gives the opportunity to create instant cabins for the campers. For changing clothes, storing luggage and for sleeping and other works, campers can use different cabins. It is huge in size but very easy to set up with in just two minutes and a single person is enough to do it as it includes pre-attached Poles for easy set up. Another aspect that made it one of the best camping tent for the campers is its 7 windows which give enough light in the day and they are all closable. But some campers think that the quality if the tent is not high enough.

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent


  • Wide spacious space
  • Factory sealed rainfly
  • Lighted fan system
  • Cabin facility

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Want to go to a camping with family or group? Coleman brought another excellent tent with very large space in it. Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Persin Cabin Tent, Black and Grey Finish has the capacity to enable a comfortable camping for 9 persons in it. It also provides cabin facility to ensure privacy. Its rainfly is factory sealed to protect from rain and bad weather. The most stunning feature is its led lighted fan system which gives you a cool and fine atmosphere in it. Its only con is, it needs at least 2 people to set it up.

Camping Tent Buying Tips

All the camp tents have certain common features which are really important for the campers. Read full tent buying guide for better idea.

  • First tips is, by what a tent is made off? Tents are usually made by Cotton, Nylon and Polyester. Cotton tents are waterproof but heavy when wet. On the other hand Nylon and Polyester tents are much lighter than cotton tents and absorb less water and waterproof.
  • Second feature to consider is the space in the tent. Sufficient space for sleeping and storing all the gears make a tent comfortable.
  • Be sure the tent is compatible for different season. Some tents are compatible for only a season. Some have compatibility to work well in two or more seasons and under worse weather and condition.
  • Last common tips is setup and transportation of tent. It depends on the length of the camping, size and distance of the campsite. Family camp tents are heavy and large which are unable to be carried in as backpacks and take more time to setup. But small tents can carry easily in backpacks and easy and faster to setup. You will easily get a cheap backpack tent in the market but you need to pay much for family tent.

Ultimate Camping Accessories

Not only tent, you need some accessories & tools too for successful, comfortable & safe camping. Check what accessories you need for your individual or family camping. You can check this ultimate checklist for camping too.

Shelter: Only tent is not enough for shelter. You also need camping air mattress or pads, pillow, blanket & camp sleeping bags. You can also bring stuff toys & tent door mat on your demand.

Kitchen: This part contains all the equipment you need for cooking & serve food. You need camping stove, lighter, knife, storage bag, paper towel, garbage bag, ice or cooling storage & camping cookware set. You must need food serving set like – plate, glass, bowl, mug, spoon etc for camping. You can also bring oven, coffee pot or kettle, toaster, grill tools on your demand.

Furniture: Always try to consider easy portable furniture for camping. I think only camping table & folding camp chair is enough for camping. but you can also take camping hammock or other furniture for your relax.

Survival: In safety & survival section you must need flashlight, insect repellent & first aid kits for camping. You must need this three when plan a camping for safety. You also need camp water filter & knives for camping. You need some kits too like – rope, whistler, batteries, string, hand sanitizer, needle, camping binoculars, compass, GPS, map & other accessories as your requirement.

Personal: Rather than personal kits, cosmetics & clothes you need some other items on entertaining & surviving while camping. You need shower, gloves, water bottle, sunscreen or moisturizer, jacket or rain coat, camping shoes, solar charger for phone etc. For entertainment don’t forget to bring fishing kits, camera, board game, books, magazine, card or other as per your choice & hobby.

Tools: In tools section, you must need some tent, lighting & safety or survival tools. For camping shelter you need axe, hammer, ropes, shovel & GPS, compass, multi knives for safety & portable toilet for hygiene. Lighting is most important on camping. You must need a camping lantern for that. You can also take other tools as your requirement for camping.

Don’t forget to check this Ultimate Camping Checklist before camping.

From single person to 12 persons, these camp tents are the best for family and personal camping. Campers feel comfortable and safe using these camping tents. Planning to buy a camping tent? You can buy any of them from this best camping tent reviews without hesitation because they are worth every penny you will spend. Oh, don’t forget to buy camping accessories as per your need for superb & memorable camping.