Best camping Axe and Hatchet – Guide & Reviews

Planning to go to the middle of a forest isolated from the civilization for few days or need tools to setup tent? Without the best camping axe or the best camping hatchet, you will not survive a single day. Camping axe is used for survival and for the extreme conditions. To make fire and to make temporary shelter, a camper needs wood. Camping axe and hatchet are expert to cut and to chop. This review will help you to get the most helpful information about the best camping axe and best camping hatchet and the best ways to buy them.

When you’re in deep jungle, you need food and shelter. You also need to protect yourself from danger. Camping axe is the one you can depend on. Because it can cut, chop, split, fell and protect you faster than anything in the extreme conditions. The important thing is, these axes and hatches are very light and easy to use and store. They are also cheap in price.

Best Camping Axe Reviews

To make your camping more easy, here are the 3 best camping axe.

Estwing E45A 26-Inch Camper’s Axe

4 in cutting edge
Leather sheath
Faster and easier chopping
Shock reduction grip handle
Perfect for camping and hunting
Extra sharp blade
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A great Axe for hunting and camping to any place. Its size is very friendly for carrying it in the backpack. Its embossed leather sheath is very smart to store this axe simply and safely in the storage bag. It has 4 inch cutting edge for efficient and fast cutting. This edge is helps to cut faster and to chop easily than the other axes. The edge is perfect to cut woods deeper with less power.

This axe has shock reduction grip handle. This handle is made with top quality metal and the grip of this handle is made with Nylon to proof shock. This nylon made grip reduces 70% shock while cutting and chopping. Intended to fell trees, this axe is also perfect for trimming trees and splitting woods. The axe is also lighter than the other axes. And this lightweight helps the campers to cut with maximum comfort with less consumption of energy. All these features made this axe an all in all axe. To fell, trim, split, cut and chop, this is axe is the perfect one for camping and hunting.

Con: You have ware safety goggles all the time to cut with this axe.

Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe

One handed use
Ultra sharp blade
Durable handle
Perfect balance
One strike split
Easy use
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One of the best camping axe for cutting and chopping easily, quickly and safely. This axe is designed to use with one hand by the campers during camping and hunting in any location under any condition. This amazing axe is the perfect one to cut and split the logs of medium and small size. The ultra sharp blade has a superior design. It can cut and split woods faster and deeper than the other axes in the market. This blade is designed to cut with only one strike. For this great benefit, campers can finish cutting, chopping, and splitting faster with less power ad strength. The sharpness of this blade stays longer than the other axe in the market.

The design of this axe gives the campers perfect balance to hold the axe and to swing the axe with greater power. The body of the axe is made with high quality metal to use it under any condition and to last long. The FiberComp handle is so sturdy and solid that, it won’t break even through over strikes. It is lightweight but works stronger than the steel. The PermaHead insert-molded axe head provides safety to the campers because this head will never fly off or loosen from the axe. There is a little hole at the handle to hang it for convenience and quick use.

Con: Some user say that the cutting edge needs to be more sharp.

Husqvarna Multipurpose Axe

Leather sheath
Wooden handle
Multipurpose axe
Curved handle
Sharp blade
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If you want to finish the cutting and chopping quickly and with less power and consumption of energy while camping, you are looking for this axe. This axe has a very sharp blade, which cuts the woods with single strike. This axe can cut, chop and fell at the same time with efficiency. It has a new Husqvarna 26 inch Hickory wooden handle, which helps to grip the axe firmly to cut. The wooden handle is very strong. The handle helps to hold it firmly to use full power to strike.

The handle of this axe has a curved design, which helps the campers to hold the axe smoothly and firmly to cut anything. The leather sheath covers the edge of the blade. This leather sheath protects the storage bag from the sharpness of the blade when it is in the bag. This axe is hand forged in Sweden with the highest quality materials. In the handle there is a tiny hole in it. Campers can use this hole to hang it for convenience.

Con: Some users claim that, they found this axe was broken after a short time use.

Best Camping Hatches Reviews

Looking for the best camping hatchet? Here are top 3 of them.


Husqvarna Curved Handle Hatchet

Sharp blade

Convenient handle

Small and portable

Easy use

Strong and durable
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Are you thinking of a hatchet to survive fron a life and death situation? This hatchet is the master of this conditions. It is also great to use while camping and hunting. This hatchet has a small size of 13 inch, which made it portable. This hatchet is very convenient to store in the backpack and it take a very little space in the backpack. This hatchet has an ultra sharp blade to cut, chop and split easily and quickly. With the help of its superior sharpness, it can cut more deeply and with a single strike, it can cut anything. This fast and easy cutting feature helps the campers to save their time and energy while camping. When the blade is quite sharp, the campers always think of the storing of the hatchet. For campers’ convenience, this hatchet includes a leather sheath, which saves the backpack from tearing from the sharpness of the hatchet.

The wooden handle is very strong and no chance to break in any condition. This handle has a curved shape to hold the hatchet firmly. This curved handle enables the campers to cut with full strength. With its small size, campers can use it with single hand. This small size also helps to get the right balance on it. it has a weigh of 2.4 pounds, which is perfect for carry and cut. The hole in the handle is very handful to hang the hatchet by using a tiny rope. Overall, this hatchet is an ideal hatchet for camping.

Cons: Some users claim that the leather edge cover is too large and easily slips off.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet

Rubber handle


Nylon sheath

Thin and sharp blade

Small and portable

Nicely designed
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Named after Discovery channel’s survival expert Bear Grylls, this hatchet is one of the best camping hatchet for the campers. It is the ultimate hatchet for saving life and for survival. For the campers, it provides some extraordinary features and facilities, which are not found in the other hatchets. The blade of this hatchet has a length of 3.45 inch. This blade has a superior sharpness to cut anything with just a strike. The cutting edge is extra sharp to cut, chop, split and fell easily while camping. This blade is expert to cut more deeply quickly and easily. To store this hatchet in the backpack or to ensure safety, it includes a durable nylon sheath with it.

This hatchet is made especially for extreme conditions. That’s why it is made with top quality to materials. It is strong and durable enough to use it in any location under any condition. To make it durable, this hatchet has a full tang construction. The blade is made with high quality metal. To use this hatchet easily, it has a rubber made handle. This handle helps to get a superior grip of the hatchet to cut simply. This handle ensures that it never slips from the hand even when it is wet. The hatchet has overall length of 9.45 inches to use it in any conditions.

Con: Some users claim that the blade easily gets dents.

Estwing E24A Sportsman’s Axe

Steel made
One piece hatchet
Easy use
Curved handle
Ultra sharp blade
Leather grip and sheath
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Another great hatchet for camping and for extreme conditions. This amazing hatchet has a strong, durable and polished construction to make it durable and to last long. It works fine in any condition. Another great feature of this hatchet is it is made with one piece from the blade to handle. Therefore, it has no chance to break. The blade is very sharp and it is very expert to cut, chop and split trees, woods or logs. It cuts faster than the other hatchets and it cuts deeper than the others do. To cover the blade and to ensure safety, this hatchet includes a durable sheath.

The handle of this hatchet is made with genuine leather and this leather handle helps to get a superior grip of the handle with no chance to slip from the hand. The curved shape of the handle helps to get right hold of the handle. This hatchet has a perfect size of 14 inch overall to use and to store easily. It takes less space in the bag to store. For survival and for camping and hunting, this great hatchet is one of the well-used and popular hatchets among the survivalists and campers.

Camping Axe & hatchet Buying Guide

A camping axe or hatchet is a very important instrument for camping and for survival. This axe can save your life. So you need to be careful to observe all the features of a camping axe before buying. Here are some important tips to buy the best camping axe and the best camping hatchet.

Quality: Carefully justify the materials that were used to make the axe. The materials must be top quality. The best service of the axe depends on the quality of the materials. Most importantly, the axe must be corotion free. There are lots of camping axes in the market of low quality. You should be careful about it.

Durability: Durability is another feature that you need to be careful enough. The axe need to strong and durable enough to give best service under any condition.

Sharpness: The blade need to be sharp enough to cut anything while camping. The axe must cut anything with single strike. The sharpness needs to last for a long time.

Additional features: Curved handle of the axe helps the user to get a fine grip of the handle easily. The handle must have rubber grip because rubber grip prevents any kind of slipping of the axe from the hand. to store the axe in the bag and to make the axe safe when not in use, it must have a durable sheath.

Price: Top quality products cost more. If you have a limited budget, you should justify the different prices of different axes and hatchets in the market and buy the best axe within your budget.

Camping axe or hatchet are the best companions of you during extreme conditions. These will serve the best to get food and to make shelter for saving your life. So buy one of these 6 to save you during an extreme while camping.