Best Camping Pillow Reviews

Sleep helps a man to refresh and re-energized in anywhere. But in camping, sleep is a must for an enjoyable camping. Like tent and sleeping beds, pillow is also very much important for a comfortable sleeping. Without pillow sleeping is impossible. But traditional pillows are not suitable for camping. In that case campers need a best camping pillow, which are designed and made for camping. Moreover they are comfortable and easily portable. There are many kinds of camping pillows. Of them inflatable and non-inflatable pillows are most popular. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. But they are both handy for camping.


Best Camping Pillow Buying Guide

Before buying camping pillow you must consider certain aspects of it.

Size: A camping pillow must be small as it is to be carried in the back pack.

Weight: Camping pillow has to be light not creating any trouble while carrying.

Adjust Ability: Inflatable pillows are more preferable as their size can be adjusted according to demand.

Comfort: Comfort is the main feature to consider. If the pillow is non-inflatable, it must be made with foam, cotton & wool and polyester for providing comfort.

Durability: Durability also important as pillow is used in different conditions.

Suitable: Buy the pillow which best suits with camping style.

Cleaning: Easy cleaning and easy inflate and deflate is also considerable before buying a camping pillow.

Price: And the price is most important. There are of great quality camping pillows in the market which are of great prices. Take a look in the market physically or through online.


5 Best Camping Pillow & Reviews

This 5 is out top picking best camping pillow which are frequently used by regular camper. We pick this best camping pillow reviews based on feature, experience & popularity.

Compressible Pillow

Brand: Therm-a-Rest

Travel and camping friendly
Bigger size
Easy carry

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Pros & Cons: A nice pillow for camping which is well liked by the campers. With the help of air this pillow can be expanded from its real size and can also be deflated. It is very likely to traveling and camping for its small size and light weight. It is 16x10x5 inch when it is inflated and 5x10x5 inch when it is deflated. Its expanded size is perfect for comfortable sleeping and resting. This pillow is very easy to carry when it is deflated. With 4 different colors, this nice pillow is one of the best sleeping companions while camping.

Self Inflating Travel Pillow


Easy inflate and deflate
Perfect size
More comfortable
Slip proof

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Pros & Cons: A perfect camping pillow for the campers which is capable to inflate and deflate very quickly and easily. The size and the firmness of the pillow can be adjusted with a blow into the valve of it and deflation is also with the help of its valve. It is portable in the back pack when it is deflated and rolled over. It is 20×12 inch when inflated and 5.5×6 inch when deflated. With a very small size it is also more comfortable than the other pillows. It has its materials which are moisture resistant and perfect for camping and resting. Its slip proof quality makes it one of the favorite camping pillows to the campers.


Comfort Lite Self Inflating Pillow

Brand: TETON Sports

Quick inflation and deflation
Slip resistant
Portable and light
Stuff sack and warranty
Eye catching color
more comfort

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Pros & Cons: Well known brand for camping utilities TETON made a great pillow for the campers who want a comfortable sleep while camping. Made by ComforTech Stretch Microfiber this pillow has slip resistant base helpful for comfortable sleeping. Campers like its quick inflation and deflation. With a very light weight this pillow weighs only 0.77 pound. This pillow is 18x10x4 inch when it is inflated and 13×3.5×3.5 inch when it is deflated. For easy carry it includes a stuff sack and its Orange color is very eye catching and nice. With heavy duty performance this pillow provides a limited lifetime warranty.


Camp Pillow w/ Pillow Case

Brand: TETON Sports

Cheap and comfortable
Stuff sack
Four colors
Pillow case
Light and portable

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Pros & Cons: TENTON made another great pillow for the campers, which includes a shrink free brushed flannel pillow case. For the campers convenience it has 4 different colored pillows. Its inflated size is 18×12 inch and 9.5×6.5×5 inch when packed. With a 0.8 pound of light weight this pillow also includes a stuff sack for easy carry. Its SuperLoft Elite fill ensures maximum loft after repeated use. It is durable enough to use in any conditions while camping. For a long lasting use it provides a limited lifetime warranty. But Some campers doubt about its quality claims by the manufacturer.

Airpak Lightweight Compressible Air Pillow

Brand:Summit Outfitters

Money back guarantee
Extra comfort
Stuff sack
Light and portable

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Pros & Cons: Campers’ ultimate choice for camping, this pillow is as soft as feathers. For sleeping and for taking rest while camping, this pillow is one of the best. It is also perfect for tent camping, Hiking, travel, hammocks and any kind of outdoor activities. It is 20×12 inch when inflated and 5×6 inch when deflated. And with a small size and light weight, this pillow is easily portable. For easy carry this pillow also includes a stuff sack. The manufacturer ensures a high quality of this pillow that’s why they provides a money back guarantee with it.


These 5 pillows are the best camping pillows in the market for camping. Choose any one of them because they worth every penny you will spend on them.