5 Best Coolers for Camping – Reviews & Guide for 2019

What can give you more pleasure than soft cold drinks after a daylong camping? Yes, cold drinks!!! The most refreshing drinks for a camper. But how will you get cold drinks in remote a place?

The best coolers for camping are here for you. These coolers can keep the drinks cool for a long time, even for several days. If you take a camping cooler, there will be no tension for getting a cold can or bottle of drink. You can also make other cold drink using the ice.

Here in this guide, I will provide some important information about the best camping cooler with 5 best coolers for camping.

Best camping cooler buying guide

The best camping cooler will give you the best taste of cold drinks during camping. Before buying a cooler, you must consider some important features of a cooler. Here are they.


Insulation is the most important thing for a cooler. It keeps the ice and cold drinks cool for a long time. You will get the colder drinks if the insulation is thicker.


Go for the cooler which has more retention ability. This retention ability keeps the drinks and ice cool for several. For long camping, this retention is the only thing to provide cold drinks to you.

Storage size

Look for the cooler which has bigger storage to store more cans, bottles or ice. As you can’t manage any cans or bottles from the campsite, you have to take all the cans at once.

Easy carry

The best cooler for camping must have handles to carry easily. There are also side handles in some coolers. You must go for the cooler with wheels. These are good for carrying.


A durable camping cooler can give you the best service in any condition of the campsites. Make sure that the cooler is leak free.

5 best coolers for camping

Here are the top 5 camping coolers for your convenience.

Coolest Cooler in Classic

coolest coolerTo provide cold drinks for all the time during camping, this cooler is pretty smart. To cool drinks or ice, this cooler has 20V rechargeable battery with a USB charger. With its spacious size, it can bear the ice or bottles over 600lbs. Having an extra thick insulation, this cooler has retention ability over 5 days.

The built-in blender is very convenient to crush ice. There is LED light in it and the Bluetooth speaker ensures hours of music during camping. The wheels and the handle help to drag it easily and the splash-proof quality prevents a single drop of water out of the cooler.

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Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

42 can coolerColeman made a great cooler which is considered one of the best camping coolers for camping as it can contain at least 42 cans. To store other things, there are front zipper pockets and side mesh pockets too. There are also bungees on the lid for carrying other necessaries.

You can safely carry the cans as the outside of it is very soft and a flexible hard plastic liner on the inside. The handle and the wheels help to bear the load easily. The side handles are convenient to carry it easily. This cooler can keep the cans cool for a long time. With a durable design, this cooler is very easy to clean.

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Coleman 6201A748 100 Quart Xtreme 5

coleman 6201a748Another great cooler for camping by Coleman. This cooler has a quite spacious size for containing 160 can or more than 6 cases of soda. It’s Xtreme technology keeps the temperature over 90 degrees for more than 5 days. For the safety of the campers, this cooler is free from CFC and HFC.

To carry this cooler easily, there are two-way handles and wheels. With its durable body, this cooler is free from rust and any kind of leak. Its hinged lid can hold 4 cups to drink with ease. The leak-proof channel drain easily drains the water out of the cooler.

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Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

pelicanThinking to drink cold drinks for a long camping? This is one of the best cooler for camping as it is made especially for a long camping. It has a retention ability of 7 to 10 days as it has Polyurethane insulation. The freezer rated gasket helps to keep the temperature in it. The press and pull latches help to open it quickly.

The noncorrosive stainless steel and molded stationary rubber made durable handle helps to carry the cooler with ease. The nonskid feet ensure perfect storage of the cooler. The drain plug clears the water perfectly. You can choose your favorite one from its various colors.

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Coleman 16 Can Soft Cooler with Hard Liner

coleman 16If you want to take cold drinks for a short camping, this cooler is the perfect one for you. It has the space to carry at least 16 cans and the temperature of the cooler can keep the can cool for several days. There is a hard plastic liner for the best flexibility. There are zipped pockets and inside mesh pockets in this cooler.

For extra storage, this cooler has two side mesh pockets. This cooler has a very easy cleaning feature for your convenience. To carry it comfortably to a campsite, this cooler has shoulder straps. From its different colors like blue, red, green and gray, you can choose your favorite one.

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How to pack a cooler for camping?

There is a systematic process for packing a cooler. Here is a video for your convenience.

Forget to take a camping cooler with you? Then you just wasted the fun of camping without any cold drinks. So, buy a cooler for the next time and enjoy the best of camping with cool taste of drinks.